Our Journey and Acknowledgements

Welcome to the history of E-Z Set Corporation, a tale of collaboration and innovation within the Modular Housing Industry. The foundation of E-Z Set was built on the camaraderie of four visionaries who recognized the growing demand for high-quality, user-friendly rigging equipment in modular home installations. With a shared vision, these co-founders embarked on developing a product line that not only met their needs but also resonated with a global market. Thus, on May 5, 2005, E-Z Set was incorporated and the journey began.

A Trailblazing Path

Since our inception, E-Z Set has experienced remarkable growth year after year. Interest in the line has extended as far as Russia and New Zealand, showcasing its global appeal. Our product has been successfully used and sold in all 50 states of the United States, as well as Canada and the Bahamas. E-Z Set’s versatile hardware has found a place in the hearts of installers worldwide, from military housing installations with the Army Corps of Engineers to hotel projects in Canada, becoming a preferred choice across various residential and commercial sectors in the U.S.

A Commitment to Innovation

Guided by our unwavering commitment to simplifying, economizing, and refining the modular installation process, E-Z Set continues to evolve. Our primary objective is to equip installers with the finest tools for achieving top-tier installations. From crane hooks to modular unit components, E-Z Set stands as the ultimate source for the hardware required in the field.

A Legacy of Excellence

In the past, our founders took immense pride in ensuring the precision and quality of each modular unit’s installation. Today, that same sense of pride fuels the manufacturing of the E-Z Set line. With the changing landscape of “energy-efficient” markets, we recognize the imperative of minimizing cuts in rim joists, gaps between units, and interior structural damage. By addressing these concerns head-on, installation teams adopting the E-Z Set system have emerged victorious, surpassing other methods. This achievement is more than technical; it’s a testament to our partners’ dedication to precision, and it’s reflected in elevated customer satisfaction rates.

A Journey of Gratitude

E-Z Set’s undeniable triumph is a result of collaboration and support from esteemed partners. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the companies that have contributed to our success:

  • Pat Hall Construction
  • Affordable Portable Structures
  • Stratford Building Systems,
  • US Modular
  • Riverside Cabins,
  • Lazy Walking K
  • Acc-U-Set
  • Indie Dwell
  • Set Works

Continuing the Legacy

The path we’ve paved is one of distinction in manufacturing top-notch modular rigging equipment. Our journey of innovation and excellence propels us forward as we commit to crafting and delivering the finest installation hardware in the United States.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey.

E-Z Set Corporation