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Lifting Lugs

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The Lifting Lug allows the installer to attach the steel lifting bands to any type of rectangular configured lifting frame or spreader bar. Each Lifting Lug has a lift capacity of 40,000 Lbs. and can accommodate up to three lifting band attachments. When only two bands are required for the lift (based on the weight of the module), the bands are attached at the two outside points on the Lifting Lug to ensure a uniform lift. At no time would a single lifting band be used at the connection points on the Lifting Lugs. The E-Z Set lift system incorporates the additional safety factor of the “two band minimum” at each pick point to maintain the highest level of safety for the individual installer as well as to safeguard each module during a lift.

(Each Lifting Lug comes standard with: One 9 ˝ ton clevis, one lifting rod, and two Lynch pins)


SINGLE: $ 899.99

SET OF 4: $ 3499.99

SET OF 6: $ 5199.99

(Also Available:  2- and 4-Journal Lifting Lugs, Call for info and prices)

(Custom Lifting Lugs can be engineered and manufactured upon request)