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Corporate History and Acknowledgements


E-Z Set Corporation was founded upon the relationships of four individuals working together in the Modular Housing Industry. These original four co-owners of the company started the development of a product line based on the ever increasing need of top quality and user friendly rigging equipment for installing modular homes. As the line was being developed for private use, it was realized that there was also a high demand globally for such products. As a result, E-Z Set became incorporated and began marketing the product line on May 5, 2005.

Since that time, E-Z Set has grown exponentially each year. Interest in the line has gone as far as Russia and as close as Canada. In addition, the product line remains extremely popular with the Army Core of Engineers for military housing installations across the United States. Most recently, the product line has become highly demanded for hotel installations in Canada as well as for numerous residential and commercial markets throughout the U.S.

Based on the increasing popularity of the line, E-Z Set continues to develop state of the art products to make the modular installation process more simplified, cost effective, and precise. The number one drive of E-Z Set is to provide the installer with the very best products he or she would need for top quality installations. By providing everything from the crane hook down to the modular unit for installing, E-Z Set is quickly becoming the main outlet for this hardware.

In the past, the owners of E-Z Set have taken a great deal of pride in how each and every modular unit was installed and now they have taken that same level of pride in the manufacturing of the E-Z Set line. Their goal is to have the installer care as much about quality and precision in installing as they have. In the new “energy-efficient” market, the owners have realized the even greater importance of avoiding cuts in the rim joist or sill plates, gaps left between units, and significant interior ceiling and wall damage. They have found that as a result of increased awareness and steps taken to avoid these problems, installation teams using the E-Z Set system and line have met with the greatest success in eliminating these issues, more so then any other method. A significant impact of this is that these same installation teams have now gained momentum in their own business by displays of high level precision and by increases in their customer satisfaction rates.

With this overwhelming success, E-Z Set has proven itself to be a leader in the manufacturing of top quality modular rigging equipment and will continue on the path of development and production of the best installation hardware in the United States.

The owners would like to thank the following companies for making E-Z Set such a great success:

RSI Crane, Inc.

Pat Hall Construction

Affordable Portable Structures

RMW Mobile Home Movers

Bragg Crane Service

Home Tech Northwest